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Campaign Values 

  • The family unit as the foundation of a strong community

  •  Constituent engagement in the legislative process

  • Responsive leadership, working on behalf of all the people

The power of constituent independence


Consensus Building

“E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many One), Senate District 21, Nashville-Davidson County, and the State of Tennessee!
In the United States of America, we subscribe to a “Republic” form of government. As such, government is directed by the will of the people, on behalf of the people.  Currently, there are 99 members of the Tennessee General Assembly. Their duties include: the preparation and consideration of legislation, reviewing and amending submitted budgets, and helping to solve constituents' grievances with the state government. Unfortunately, over the last two years more things have divided us than united us. The constituents of Senate District 21 deserve to have representation in the Legislature capable of working across political lines in the general interest of all constituents despite their party affiliation. Rueben Dockery seeks to open greater communication with the Nashville Mayor’s office, Metropolitan Council, and the State Legislature.

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Educational Engagement Initiative

There is a tremendous need for senate level leadership to sponsor legislation and broker the necessary resources that will empower all constituent parents to become proactive partners in the education process.  Based on research that suggests risk factors of academic failure occur across varied social domains of influence, which are interrelated and cannot be addressed effectively without coordinated actions, Rueben Dockery is proposing to establish a Davidson County Educational Engagement Initiative. It is designed to foster collaboration between parents and schools across Nashville-Davidson County, in the interest of improving academic achievement for all our children.

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Economic Empowerment Initiative

Tragically, far too many small businesses were wiped out in the aftermath of Covid19. As your senator, Rueben Dockery will work to restore the small business community and expand entrepreneurial opportunities in Nashville-Davidson County. His vision is to develop over the next four years, an Economic Empowerment Initiative in Tennessee Senate District 21 which permeates Nashville-Davidson County. This initiative is proposed to reduce unemployment and generate economic growth through identifying federal, state and local resources earmarked for constituents. Specific focus is on the following:

  • Strategic Visions for Change

  • Community-Based Partnerships

  • Economic Independence Opportunities

  • Sustainable Community Development

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Health/Wellness Initiative

According to the Tennessee Institute of Public Health, there are four key issues that affect the overall health of Tennesseans to include constituents of Senate District 21. The determinants are health care 10%, health behaviors 40%, socioeconomic factors 40% and the physical environment 10%. The latter are manifested in the Nashville-Davidson County in forms of alcohol and drug abuse, street and domestic violence, HIV and other STD’s, heart disease and hypertension to name a few. Constituents need senate leadership that will ensure adequate education and treatment for all residents and not a select few. 

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Public Safety Crime Intervention Initiative

Increasingly, constituents of Senate District 21 and Nashville-Davidson County have been plagued with a rise in criminal activity. Candidate Rueben Dockery recognizes the significant role and contributions of law enforcements officials in the effort to maintain safe streets and neighborhoods. Furthermore, he understand that factors such as, broken families, dire poverty, academic-underachievement, poor physical and social-emotional health are related to unsafe neighborhoods for business owners, residents and all involved. Accordingly, he will provide senate leadership that will utilize state legislation in a manner that guarantee constituents gain maximum benefit of federal, state, and local resources to build and sustain viable neighborhoods.

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