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It’s Up to you in 2022! Welcome to the official site for Rueben Dockery, your source for information including upcoming events, how to volunteer, campaign engagements, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all, you need to know about the Rueben Dockery, 2022 Campaign for Tennessee Senate District 21, as the "consensus-candidate" fighting for unity and progress for constituents of Senate District 21, Nashville-Davidson County, at-large and Tennessee.

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My Vision for TN Senate District 21

As a thirty-five-year resident of Nashville-Davidson County, Rueben Dockery has witnessed the growth of the "It City”! While we all glory in the forward advances of our great city, at the same time, we value safe neighborhoods, civility, and quality education for our children. As a 2019 candidate for the Metro Council (At-Large), Mr. Dockery shared his vision for civic unity, transformation, and forward progress for all constituents of Senate District 21, Nashville-Davidson County at-large and beyond, with the Tennessean News Paper (Click here to see his full interview). With the right consensus-oriented leadership in the Tennessee Senate, District 21 in concert with the "It City" can become a model for civil collaboration, ending in progress for all its citizens.

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2213 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37217